Menswear inspired by timeless treasure

In Ancient Greece, a fragrant cloth was carried to fortify the senses from the aromas of the day.  This fragrant cloth has been cited as the origin of the handkerchiefs and pocket squares we know today and is the inspiration for the products we offer at Virtus Cardinalis [pronounced VEER-toos car-dee-NAH-lease].

But for us, it's more than that.  The philosophers of antiquity believed the key to a happy life rested upon the Cardinal Virtues: Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, and Temperance.  It is upon this belief that Virtus Cardinalis was founded.  Much like the handkerchiefs of the ancients that carried a pleasant fragrance, ours carry the reminder of the sweet life one may attain by also practicing these virtues in our modern age.

Appearing on each pocket square and handkerchief is our logo:  a flag draped over an anchor.  This represents the strength that comes from practicing virtue, a strength that anchors us through the storms of life and empowers us to ascend to heights we never knew we could reach.

Each pocket square is made from the finest SUPIMA® Cotton and is hand-sewn by Italian artisans in the Eternal City of Rome.  Our American Pima cotton handkerchiefs are proudly made in the USA.  These superior accessories serve as more than a fashionable or practical accessory, but as a symbol of solidarity with one another in rediscovering and reclaiming an ancient wisdom and timeless treasure:  the Cardinal Virtues.